Importance of Having a Good Family Lawyer in Custody and Support Cases

Parents who have been ordered to pay child support will no doubt be aware that child custody may be a factor in determining the amount of child support they are required to pay. But while child support payments are most often awarded for the purpose of making sure the children are kept out of harm’s way, courts in most states do not look at custody as a factor in calculating how much is being paid in child support.

Child custody

This means that if you’re ordered to pay child support and you decide to change your custodial status it may not adversely affect your ability to keep making payments to your ex-spouse. The child support order may remain intact if the parents are otherwise able to pay their obligations. And that’s where a family lawyer can make a difference.

When considering the issues of child support and custody pending divorce, it is important to understand that the issue of custody is not something that can be decided between the parents, said Glen Wood, Attorney at law. The courts can only consider an issue when both parents agree on it. In most cases, however, the courts look at factors such as whether or not one parent has a close relationship with the other, and how involved each parent is in the life of the child.

The issue of child support and custody may not be considered. That doesn’t mean that a child support provider doesn’t work hard to help his or her client to get the child. In fact, as a matter of course, child support providers can be very helpful in helping parents who have been ordered to pay child support to maintain contact with their children.

The state child support program takes over the child support responsibility once the parents have agreed to the amount of money that must be paid and the mode of payment, but even then there are certain factors that the state may not take into account when determining how much support is due. The court may, for example, not consider the children’s health care insurance or dental care.

If a non-custodial parent is working and the custodial parent is receiving all of the child support, the child may be eligible for more services that the parents both can afford. In addition, in some cases, the state may be able to negotiate better terms with the custodial parent to ensure that all the money that has been ordered to be paid goes toward the child. As a result, a family lawyer can make a huge difference in how much child support you are required to pay.

While it may seem that it would be good for the parents to just “compromise” and work out a child support agreement with the other parent, it is not always possible. And this means that the family lawyer can play a key role in ensuring that all payments are collected from all parties in a fair manner.

You should know that every state in the country has laws in place regarding child support and custody; even the smallest state has its own unique set of guidelines in regards to these issues. By working with a child support provider in your area, it can be possible to determine how much child support your state requires and negotiate with your custodial parent so that both of you receive what you are legally required to pay.